IVY Access Systems is the brand name of the system of self-supporting aluminum platforms, stairs and railings of Almet Benelux. 

The choice of materials and their design ensure that IVY Access Systems meets rigorous industrial standards such as Norsok and Eurocode. This makes IVY Access Systems suitable for use in construction, industry and offshore applications.


IVY Access Systems consists of aluminum profiles and components. The use of standard components provides significant savings in the design phase. Delivery made to measure and from stock ensures an extremely short lead time.

The quick and easy mounting is done by bolt connections, providing strength and durability as well as the option to adapt or expand the system at any time during its life cycle.

The fully continuous handrails have a standard height of 1,100 mm, are equipped with double knee rails and kick plate; all resistant to high loads. The platforms are self-supporting and have a floor equipped with drainage and an industrial anti-slip pattern (R13). The stairs can be adjusted to the desired width, height and stair angle.

The choice for aluminum is a very conscious one; in addition to the great freedom in the design of the components, aluminum is light, extremely resistant to corrosion and infinitely recyclable without loss of quality.

Advantages of our IVY ACCESS SYSTEMS

  • The system is attractively priced, providing additional further savings through its simple and fast design and installation;
  • The system is maintenance-free during the entire life cycle;
  • The system provides a weight advantage;
  • The system can be flexibly adapted and expanded;
  • Aluminum is extremely durable and recyclable, IVY Access Systems is even reusable;
  • The system is compliant with DNV and the relevant standards for industrial use (Eurocode, Norsok);
  • The system is available from stock and made to measure.


IVY Access Systems is marketed by Almet Benelux - Leading in aluminum in collaboration with Highrise Design.

Almet IVY Access systems

Almet Benelux - Leading in aluminum has been operating since 1969 as a distributor and service center in aluminum products. Almet Benelux started as part of Alusuisse. Since 2008 it has been part of the internationally operating AMARI group.

Highrise Almet IVY Access systems

Highrise Design is a design agency, specialized in designing aluminum structures. Many years of experience with aluminum applications in construction and offshore ensure an extremely reliable design of the IVY Access System.

The collaboration of both organizations combines the advantages of scale, logistical strength and a wide range of operations with an enormous knowledge of aluminum, engineering and project management.

Please feel free to contact us via the contact details below if you have any questions. Alternatively, send your message via the contact form.

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